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We provide our clients, the required confidence on the integrity of their product. Purpose of inspection is to evaluate the quality characteristics with reference to a standard or contractual requirement and determine conformance of the product. Independent Inspection services can be a second party or third party inspection services to determine conformance to contractual and referred standards and measure quality characteristics,

Quality evaluation is done by visual inspection, testing, review of records and gauging to determine conformance to specified requirements. Purpose of inspection is to determine acceptance or non-acceptance of products

On time completion of projects is important from the national perspective, business performance of projects depends upon (1) effectiveness of decision-making capability in material management are and (2) ensuring availability of required products at the right time for manufacturing, installation and commissioning

A vendor is an enterprise that contributes goods or services. Vendor assessment is a valuable process of evaluating and approving a potential supplier by quantitative and qualitative assessment for the capability to deliver goods or service complying with the contractual requirements.

IQC Global Technical Services Gulf LLC possess technical personnel and provides required resources to support a project team. Performance of a project is based on the technical competence of the team managing the project.

An audit is a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining evidence and evaluating objectively to determine the Extent to which planned arrangements have been fulfilled and processes are being implemented effectively

Project knowledge comprises Project management Procurement – Installation and commissioning Quality Assurance and Quality Control Quality Assurance provides evidence of planning to give confidence to interested parties that all the required project.

Pre-shipment inspection is offered to exporters and importers and comprises a detailed inspection of equipment or materials after manufacture, but prior to shipment. The scope includes Quality, Packing & Marking and Supervision of Loading. An Inspection Release

Design review facilitates clarifications on any assumptions and advice requested including compliance to contractual and applicable statutory requirements. Design review provides a platform to optimise design of a product through well-structured and planned review and feedback from interested parties.

has technical competent personnel for Lifting equipment inspections with approved Check Lists in reference to International and Local Legal compliance standards and provides certifications.

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