On time completion of projects is important from the national perspective, business performance of projects depends upon
(1) effectiveness of decision-making capability in material management are and
(2) ensuring availability of required products at the right time for manufacturing, installation and commissioning

Procurement and logistics and team work within the project play a significant role in controlling the dimensions of cost and project duration, leading to efficient performance of major projects and prevent project overrun. Expediting represents an important dimension for managing materials required for a project and monitoring the performance of suppliers and sub contractors. We have competent expeditors with communication skill, process knowledge of the product and proactive communication with project team effectively on the status of all phases of procurement.

Process Flow chart- Inspection and expediting services

a. Review client’s inquiry
b. Acceptance of inquiry or otherwise with respect to availability of resources, conflict of interest
c. Issue of job number
d. Issue of Assignment sheet
e. Coordinate for inspection and mobilize inspector
f. Conduct inspection as per approved documents
g. Issue Inspection report
h. Issue Inspection Release Note

Inspection and expediting services is supported by quality plans for a specific economic sector under consideration. Quality plans are used as a guide to inspectors while complying with contractual requirements.

Pressure Vessel-Heat Exchanger

  1. Gate Valve-Globe Valve-Ball
  2. Valve-Plug Valve-Butterfly Valve Check
  3. Valve-Shutdown Valve-Motor Operated
  4. Valve-Safety Relief & Surge Relief
  5. Valve- Structural Quality Plan-Piping
  6. Fitting Equipments
  7. Skids
  8. Structural welding
  9. Tanks
  10. Process piping

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