Design Review

Design review facilitates clarifications on any assumptions and advice requested including compliance to contractual and applicable statutory requirements. Design review provides a platform to optimise design of a product through well-structured and planned review and feedback from interested parties. Design review enhances communication-reduce cost and misunderstanding between interested parties manage changes-

  1. IQC Global Engineering LLC conducts design review of following equipment for compliance to contractual and applicable statutory requirements.
  2. Pressure vessels as per ASME SEC VIII Division I and II (latest edition)
  3. Material remaining strength evaluation and assessment of defects such as external and internal corrosion, dents, gouges, cracks according to ASME B31G and API
  4. Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment of in- service pressure vessels, piping and storage tanks according to API 510, 570 and 653
  5. Determination Working Pressure (MAWP), Hydrotest pressure and Remaining Life of equipment
  6. Review and Analysis of In-Line Inspection (ILI) data associated with midstream pipelines. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

IQC Global Engineering LLC do not provide following services with a focus on maintaining impartiality of inspection services
• Consultancy services for product manufacturing and inspection
• Non-destructive examination services of any kind
• Inspection services on behalf of an EPC contractor, when a client has confirmed the inspection assignment for the same contract
• Design and Engineering services for a product
• Services to those entities in which they have operating interest.

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